Business immigration to Lithuania

We will help to move your business to Lithuania or to open a new one

We will help you:

  • To open a representative office or branch of your company!
  • To open a new business or to acquire an existing one!
  • To move the whole or a part of your business to Lithuania!
  • To acquire shares of an already operating company in order to obtain a Lithuanian residence permit!

OU Consulting Plus is one of the oldest companies in Lithuania operating in the field of business migration and deserves claiming to be the leader in this field!

We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of immigration law, which allows us to hold leading positions in the Lithuanian market.

You can fully rely on Consulting Plus in matters of business and immigration to Lithuania! With us, it is easy! With us, it is legal!

With our help, you can:

Purchase or lease franchises

(only royalty)

Receive non-refundable financing from European Funds ranging from 34% to 100%

(EUR 50,000 Euro to EUR 10,000,000)

Purchase or lease real estate in Lithuania

(land, a house, apartment, office, warehouse)

Obtain all necessary construction permits

Organise a publicity campaign in Lithuania or the EU

Obtain a loan/leasing

I would like to receive further information

For your staff:

Obtain work permits in the EU under the Blue Card Programme

Obtaining a work permit in Lithuania

Employment in the EU


The state of Lithuania welcomes all businessmen who, even if temporarily, come to Lithuania to do business. Therefore, it will smoothly provide you, your staff, and your family with residence permits in the EU (European residence) within 1 to 2 months!*

*Legal paperwork with all documents is taken on by our company, Consulting Plus

You can fully rely on us in the following matters:

  • Legal and accounting services
  • Recruiting
  • Visa support
  • Translations, legalisation, apostille, and notary services
  • Search for business partners and organisation of meetings and negotiations
  • Representation of your company in state authorities of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Business management in Lithuania

Please contact our company, we really have something to offer you!

Businessmen and their families will obtain in Lithuania:

  1. TRP (Temporary Residence Permit) in 1 to 2 months!*
  2. PRP (Permanent Residence Permit) in 5 years (if sought)
  3. Citizenship in 10 years (if sought)


*Legal paperwork with all documents is taken on by our company Consulting Plus

ARE YOU READY TO BECOME A EUROPEAN? - PLEASE PHONE! +370 6446-77-77 (free through Viber)

What TRP in Lithuania means for you and your family:

Protection by a European state

Free European medical care

Free European education

European living standard

Mortgaging and lending ~2% per annum

What it means for your business:


Rate of corporate income tax

325 евро

Minimal salary in Vilnius


Interest on loans


Interest on leasing

Are you coming to Vilnius?

Please contact us, and we will:

  • book you a hotel,
  • arrange for you to be picked up from the airport,
  • select a restaurant to meet your taste and customs,
  • provide an interpreter and personal guide to make your time useful and interesting.

You can fully rely on our company!

Additional service for especially demanding customers

Executive-class car with a private driver-interpreter

Armed security

The main principles of our company:

A high level of service!

Flexible pricing policy

Long-term cooperation

Warning against fraud!

Please understand that a passport (European citizenship) or TRP (temporary residence permit) ID card cannot be just purchased but all identity documents are issued in person at the police station at the place of residence! Unfortunately, many look for such options and fall for the tricks of swindlers. Please remember, however, that there are NO miracles in the EU, but there is a common database SIS-2 into which you may be entered if holding such a document and this would mean arrest, deportation, ban on entering the EU for 3 years, and suspended sentence...

We recommend that you do everything according to the rules, and we know these rules, so please trust the professionals! A temporary residence permit in the EU can be legally obtained within a period of 1-2 months, shall we get started?

Please learn how you can obtain a TRP legally

HELP-CALL ConsultingPlus loyalty programme

All our customers receive a personal Consulting Plus customer card, which gives them the right of free use of the call service provided by our company around the clock! The HELP-CALL ConsultingPlus programme is round-the-clock support for our customers in all situations. Calling a taxi, buying a flight ticket or a ticket to a concert, finding a lawyer, consulting a lawyer or accountant, helping with translations, and paying bills - all this and much more will be done for you by managers of our company! Notably, FREE OF CHARGE! Privilege of the HELP-CALL ConsultingPlus programme

What’s new?

We are in Kiev from 21 to 27 October 2015

On the eve of a meeting of industrialists of Lithuania and Ukraine, our staff, Gintaras Nashlenas will be in Kiev from 21 to 27 October inclusive, and will meet with all interested companies to cooperation!
Call +380947122007(viber) or email [email protected]

We have updated our websites!

We are pleased to welcome you at our updated website! For your convenience, we have used our effort to make navigation as simple as possible and to make our website more informative. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our consultants. Yours sincerely, the staff of the company Consulting Plus

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